Tips for finding cheap car insurance

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Learning to drive is an expensive process, especially if you do not consider yourself a natural on the roads as there are often further investment in lessons and potentially more driving tests to consider.

Once the toughest part is over, new drivers are often overwhelmed by the soaring costs of insurance, tax and petrol; not forgetting the purchase of a car.

Whether you are a new driver or not, car insurance is not cheap and in the current climate it is more important than ever to make savings wherever possible. That is why it is important to compare car insurance

Whilst it is relatively easy to find a cheaper vehicle, it can be challenging to find reasonable car insurance as the majority of rates are especially competitive. However, there are a few things you can do to knock those car insurance prices down.


It may be worthwhile to compare buying car insurance online. Some companies provide offers that discount insurance when it is purchased over the internet.

An insurance broker may also be able to speed the process up as they can find car insurance quotes for you. If you would like to compare it yourself than a price comparison site will also make the process less time consuming.

Your vehicle

Choosing a car that was relatively cheap to purchase and has a small engine will work in your favour massively and can reduce insurance costs by a considerable amount.

Reducing the miles you drive each year can be worthwhile. Inform your insurance company of the typical mileage of your car yearly when asking for quotes.

Modifying and customising your car will steepen the cost of your insurance dramatically as it increases the overall cost of the vehicle.

Having your car secured overnight and even in the daytime in a garage or other facility can reduce the chance of a break in or damage. This will give the insurance company more reason to lower the cost of your cover.

The car insurance policy

If you have accumulated ‘no claims’ on your policy it is likely your car insurance costs will be reduced, and if you are looking to change car insurance company’s this will be very attractive.

Try and keep the number of drivers on your insurance policy to minimum, especially young drivers under the age of twenty-five as this could increase the cost of your cover. You could also consider opting for temporary car insurance if you do not drive your car that often.

If you choose to pay a higher excess should you need to make an insurance claim then it is likely you will pay a lower amount each year.

There are a number of ways to get your car insurance quotes down, so before you settle for the first offer that comes your way do your homework.