FairFuelUK protest

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Campaigners are said to be placing pressure on Chancellor George Osborne, appealing to him to drop the motoring taxes by lobbying Parliament. The FairFuelUK group is in charge of the protest which will meet en masse outside of 10 Downing Street to report their views to the Government.

They plan to mass lobby the MP’s this week after petrol hit a record high of 137.70p and diesel is a historical high of £144.92. The group plans to present a report that was written by the Centre for Economics and Business Research that claims if fuel duty were cut by 2.5p then 180,000 new jobs could be created.

The report has already been explained to Chloe Smith the treasury minister by Quentin Wilson the FairFuelUK spokesman, but there is concern that with the Budget coming up the Government has not really comprehended or heard the ramifications of the study. Separate research over the last few weeks has revealed that the UK places the highest fuel taxes on its citizens in Europe.

Wilson stated that they want the Government to listen to what they have to say because for months it has been stating that they cannot afford to reduce any of the tax duties, but they have evidence that says otherwise.