Rusty Rex Rallies Europe’s Most Unique Banger Rally

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4 Days, 2000 miles and 1 Big Adventure just about sums up Rex to Nice. Of all the rallies out there this one stands out from the crowd. It is the only banger rally which travels through the Alps from start to finish taking in some breath taking scenery.

Rusty Rex Rallies is open to members of the public and is the ideal event for anyone with a sense of adventure, who enjoys driving and is up for a challenge. It’s a wacky road-trip for rusty wrecks where teams compete against each other in a 2000 mile mad-cap escapade.

The Rally starts in the French town of Reims. However the adventure begins a long time before that! Once signed up the participating teams will need to agree on a theme as teams are encouraged to wear fancy dress and decorate their vehicles accordingly. Some will opt to raise money for charity and work around this. Others will go all out! We’ve seen some amazing creations which range from a Ghostbusters car with matching team outfits to a fur covered pimpmobile and just about everything in between!


rusty rex rallies

Do you fancy taking the challenge?

Each day brings a new challenge (keeping your car in the rally is just one) But to spice things up Rex gives the teams a new challenge every day. These will see the teams having to interact with members of the public, other teams and visit local landmarks.
One day last year we turned the teams into Rock Stars for the day with inflatable instruments as props. Lake Como hasn’t been the same since!

The adventure ends in Nice and the grand finale comes on the final night with Rusty Rex’s prize giving, there are cash prizes and trophies for various achievements including best car, fancy dress and the overall place rankings.

Down to the unique way Rusty Rex brings the teams together by the end of the 4 days there is always a fantastic atmosphere with great banter between the teams. The camaraderie and competitiveness is amazing, making this event extra special and an excellent team building exercise.

“Brilliant fun, great route, great people, fantastic sights and hilarious nights out. I cannot recommend Rusty Rex enough.”
Andrew Sloan (2014 Rusty Rex rally participant)