New App CarVi Designed to Help Drivers Hone Their Skills

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In most cases, smartphones serve as a dangerous distraction for drivers, but when using the new CarVi app designed to help them analyze their driving skills, drivers using smartphones just might save lives. The makers of CarVi have completed their revolutionary app and will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo February 4, 2015, to help cover the costs of production of the windshield camera and promoting the app.

Used in coordination with a CarVi windshield camera, the CarVi app helps drivers rate their skills on the road so that they can decrease their odds of being in an auto collision. “CarVi is a useful tool for drivers of all ages, from the beginning student to the elderly and every age in between,” said CarVi, Inc., founder Kevin Lee.


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Designed to work as a coach, co-pilot, teacher, and cheerleader, CarVi is an interactive tool that drivers can use at any time to collect data on their driving skills and rate their abilities. CarVi tracks both good and bad driving habits to offer real-time hazard warnings and daily functional feedback to help drivers hone their skills.

Some of the bad habits CarVi will flag include tailgating, poor lane change positioning, jackrabbit starts, and hard braking. “Our virtual team of driving coaches serve to promote good driving habits through positive reinforcement and discourage poor habits by reflecting low scores,” said Lee. The idea behind CarVi is for drivers to make lasting, positive change to their driving habits.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will help get CarVi into the hands of driving schools, car owners, and other drivers to improve driving skills everywhere.



More information at GetCarvi.