MOT law change warning from Halfords

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MOT law change warning from Halfords
MOT law change warning from Halfords

The Ministry of Transport has made some changes in the laws pertaining to DPFs (diesel particle filters) and thousands of motorists have been caught unawares in the last month. New legislation which was introduced just last month (February) means that any vehicle lacking a DPF will not pass an emissions test and the owner is immediately subject to a fine of £1,000 or more.

The law applies to diesel vehicles in which the filter is fitted as standard; garages and testing stations will now be checking to make sure the DPF is still in place, instead of just testing for emission levels.

Rory Carlin from Halfords Autocentres explains: “Rather than explaining why these important filters become clogged and offering a simple solution that will prevent the issue in the majority of cases, some garages have been removing the DPF.

“This practice has always been illegal but some companies are continuing to advertise the service as though it is a legitimate long-term solution. This means thousands of owners are now facing the cost of a buying a replacement DPF and having it re-fitted.

“A preventative exhaust system cleaner like Cataclean costing as little as £20 can help stop the DPF getting blocked. However, even in cases where a clogged filter has caused a warning light to come on all is not lost – a DPF cleaning and regeneration product like PowerMax is likely to solve the problem in the majority of cases for around £30.”

DPFs often become clogged with soot if a vehicle is frequently used to make short journeys – because it does not get hot enough to burn off the particulates that build up over time, unlike motorway journeys.

Fuel and exhaust system cleaner Cataclean not only helps all types of diesel and petrol cars pass their MOT emissions test by cleaning the vehicle’s engine but, providing it is used before the DPF has become clogged, can prevent the DPF failure by lowering soot emissions by up to 60% – with further treatments once a quarter keeping it clean.

William Jones from Cataclean Global Ltd said: “The changes to the MOT test relating to DPF removal were brought about by Department for Transport because of concerns that vehicles were being modified in a way that is was detrimental to people’s health. Effectively removing the DPF undoes the work car manufacturers have done to improve emissions standards.

“Our message to motorists with a DPF is to keep their engine clean by using Cataclean as a preventative measure before problems arise. For motorists, running cars not originally fitted with a DPF Cataclean can help a car pass its emissions test and help you save money by improving engine performance and making your car more fuel efficient.”

To find out more about Cataclean visit or call into your nearest Halfords Autocentre.