Damon Hill argues against increase in speed limits on motorways

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The government have made proposals that are going to suggest that the speed limit on the motorways are increased to 80 mph. This is something that you would think Formula One drivers would not necessarily protest against, however former racing driver, Damon Hill has said that he has been angered by the suggestion. He also commented that he doesn’t drive above 70 mph on the motorway because he finds it too stressful.

Motoring organisations have recently been in consultation with the government to see whether it would be appropriate to raise the speed limits on motorways in both England and Wales. In an interview with the Radio Times, Damon Hill commented, “In reality the roads are a dangerous place and most people aren’t safe driving above 55 miles an hour. The idea that people would be legally allowed to drive at 80 mph is a terrible move.

“People are already driving too fast on the motorway and they often think they know what they’re doing, when they simply don’t. People do not keep the right distance and they don’t learn even when they have a near miss. I don’t want to spoil people’s fun, but I want to make sure that everyone is a safe driver, my kids are out on the roads and I want them to be as safe a place as possible.”