Sponsored Video: TomTom’s Map Paradise Project NO CHARGE

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Ever wonder what it would be like to explore a tropical island? Well, now you don’t have to if you take a minute to apply for the TomTom’s Map Paradise Project, because TomTom the leading manufacturer of GPS devices, is actually going to pay for a family or group of friends to do just that.

As part of an initiative to map Cape Verde, an island that the GPS manufacturer does not currently have navigational maps available for, they are sending a family (or group) to Cape Verde.

In order to apply, the only thing that you need is a picture, email address, name, and a few words that tell TomTom why you would be the perfect candidate for the position (and of course five friends or family members ready to explore with you!)

The only requirement that TomTom has of the participants that they send to the island is that they are willing to drive around the island and explore a bit during their two week stay so that TomTom can map the island and get a better look at all the different roadways that are just waiting to be travelled.

As if two weeks on a tropical island is not enough incentive to consider taking part in the TomTom Map Paradise Project, the company is also paying participants a group sum of 10,000 Euros for taking some time off to explore.

If this sounds like a trip from heaven (which it basically is) then head on over to www.tomtom.com/summer to apply right now. Make sure to get your name in the frame so you don’t miss out on the best summer adventure you could ever have.