All You need to know about Comprehensive Insurance

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What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Better safe than sorry, right? Comprehensive car insurance provides the most extensive coverage for your car, and will even protect you if your car is vandalized or involved in an “act of god.”

What if My Car is Stolen?

If you’re concerned about auto theft, comprehensive car insurance is a smart choice for you. Not only will a comprehensive auto insurance policy cover your car if it’s stolen, it will also protect you in the cases of animal and weather damage.

Comprehensive Insurance

Is It Really Comprehensive?

If you’ve ever had to carry full coverage insurance, most likely because you were driving a new car, then you’ve heard the term ‘comprehensive insurance’. Sometimes all these different insurance terms can start to blur and run together. There’s liability, collision, and comprehensive, and they all cover different types of damages in different situations. The only thing you need to know about comprehensive car insurance is that it isn’t confusing or complicated at all.

Comprehending Your Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is the type of insurance that covers the very things you want to be covered. There are different types of damage that can occur to your car, and most of them don’t have anything at all to do with an accident involving another car. Comprehensive car insurance covers manmade damage to your car like vandalism; it also covers natural damages, sometimes referred to as Acts of God, like weather-related damages that can come from wind, hail, and snow. Your comprehensive car insurance even covers damages to your car sustained from a lighting strike, a tree branch falling, or a giant sink hole gobbling up your SUV!

Do You Need Comprehensive Coverage?

If you are purchasing a new car, or are making car payments to a lender who put up the cash so you could buy a car without having to put up your own money, then you will be required to carry some amount of comprehensive insurance. This is because the bank that put up the money wants to protect their interest. If your car gets totaled by a falling light pole in a severe thunderstorm, without comprehensive car insurance you continue making your monthly payment but will no longer have a car to show for it. Forget that you’re protecting the bank. Protect yourself and your personal wealth from a serious hit. When a bank has their name next to yours on the title, then be sure you’re always choosing comprehensive car insurance when purchasing insurance from your local professional.

Ask Your Insurance Agent Questions

Like collision coverage, it’s important that you fully understand the exact types of things that your car insurance policy covers, and what it excludes. The last thing you want to have happen is to find your car was the victim in a hit-and-run accident and you don’t have the type of coverage that protects you against this type of damage. Your neighborhood car insurance agents know his products inside and out, and is the best person to not only answer your question, but to ask you all the necessary questions you will need to answer in order for him to offer you the exact types of insurance coverage you want and need.