Absolute Reg predicts personalised number plate popularity will continue

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Latest figures have revealed that in 2015 the DVLA took a record amount of money from issuing personalised number plates. According to Absolute Reg, consumers and businesses shouldn’t expect this growing trend to slow down anytime soon with individuals increasingly wanting to put their personal stamp on their vehicle.

Last year the Treasury received £102 million from the sale of personalised number plates, a £15 million increase on the previous year, after selling 334,000 plates. Rare plates are being used to add a personal touch to vehicles and as an investment, with the most expensive plates costing thousands. Last year’s highest sold plate was KR15 HNA, which cost one motorist £180,000, but it still falls some way behind the most expensive plate ever, the £400,000 25 O, which was sold in 2014.

Jake Smith, Managing Director of Absolute Reg, said, “The increase in personalised registration numbers is part of a wider trend of people wanting to show off their individuality and style in all aspects of their lives. We believe the number of people choosing to use a personalised license plate will only continue to grow. While the rarest personalised number plates are expensive there are some other options. On Absolute Reg car enthusiasts can find plenty of choice in plates to suit them for under £1,000.”

Absolute Reg is the number one destination for British private and personalised number plates. The company has over 40 million affordable personalised options to choose from. Customers can use the company to purchase and register number plates that show off their business, name, interest or anything else.

The Absolute Reg platform makes it easy for users to search for the number plate they want. They can simply enter a search term and the results will bring up the best premium registration plates as well as options featuring alternative prefixes, all with clearly displayed prices. Users also have the option to search by prefix, name, initials or vehicle.

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