Renault UK joins 2012 MSA British Manufacturers Rally Championship

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Renault UK joins 2012 MSA British Manufacturers Rally Championship
Renault UK joins 2012 MSA British Manufacturers Rally Championship

Renault UK, who were the British Rally Champions in 1998 and 1999, have become the first manufacturer to confirm their participation in the new 2 wheel drive MSA British Rally Championship 2012.

As most manufacturers have approved 2 wheel drive cars, the British Manufacturers Rally Championship has been reinstated and both UK importers and registered manufacturers are allowed to compete to become the champion.

This now concept sees Renault UK signed up to a promotional partnership and although manufacturers can still opt to run a works team, in 2012 the 2 highest placed privateer Renault cars will score top marks for the manufacturers championship. Mark Donnelly scored two BRC F2 podiums in his Renault Clio in 2011

BRC Manager Mark Taylor commented. “It’s brilliant news that Renault UK are the first to sign up to the Championship. We recognised the commercial realities currently faced by car manufacturers and their dealerships and specifically created a British Championship to attract UK Importers by reducing the usually barriers and high cost of entry.

“We are providing them with a platform to promote products that relate to what is being sold in the showroom. We are also offering them high quality media products and a chance to engage in rally themed dealer events.  Importantly, they will have a stakeholder ship in the future of this world renowned motorsport series.”

This decision by Renault to join the manufacturer’s championship further proves that the decision to move to two wheel drive was the correct one. With the vast majority of car makes having two wheel drive road-cars, it means the potential for close competition is much greater than before. It also benefits the drivers who score points, as they will gain additional recognition via the association with the marque.

Jeremy Townsend, Communications Director for Renault UK said, “Renault has a long and very successful motor sport heritage and the announcement today adds to the commitment we have in the UK to our national championships.”
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