Learners set your own price for driving lessons

Learners set your own price for driving lessons

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Learners set your own price for driving lessons
Learners set your own price for driving lessons

An innovative platform has been instigated by an expert Approved Driving Instructor in order to offer learner drivers the opportunity to pay driving fees at their own pace. While the number of driving instructors continues to escalate to the highest levels ever, the amount people who are starting to learn to drive is in a steady decline.

lessonsperhour.com has been launched by expert Approved Driving Instructor Akik Miah. the concept is intended to bridge the gap that is widening between supply and demand for pupils who need approved driving instructors, saving money on costly advertising. In the wake of the global recession, the Office for National Statistics published a report stating that of the 30,000,000 Brits in work, almost 14% of them were self employed and working from home.

Of these 4.3 million people, around 53,000 have chosen to become driving instructors, with a further 94,000 who have applied to become driving instructors. Towards the end of 2013, figures for numbers of test takers dropped ; meaning supply of instructors currently outweighs student demand in some areas. A platform such as lessonsperhour.com allows ADIs from all areas to reach a fair share of pupils.

As a recognised ADI himself, Mr. Miah first conceived of lessonsperhour.com as a solution to the problem of pupil procurement faced by many instructors. Gone are the days of instructors surviving on recommendations and a pyramid on top of their cars. Currently many driving instructors face expensive fees for advertising or losing out by joining a franchise. Akik said, “Because I am an ADI, I know about the hidden expenses involved in trying to find students.

Of course a lot of our business comes from reputation, but especially at the start people need to build up that reputation. It can be demoralising seeking students.” To combat this demoralising feeling, the concept of lessonsperhour.com is simple. ADIs set their costs and area coverage giving them a powerful, effective and affordable way of attracting new pupils.

Learner drivers can then make their own special offer based on what they wish to pay per lesson. lessonsperhour.com then matches the two; providing an increased flow of students for instructors and a reasonable price for learners. Similar to traditional franchisors ADIs will be subject to a weekly franchise fee. However, what sets lessonsperhour.com apart from other such franchisors is that there are far fewer restrictions and more features and benefits for instructors using the platform.

The unique system gives full control to ADIs, who can set the cost of the minimum introductory offers they will accept and the distance they are willing to travel. Only learners who have paid in advance for the lessons booked and who live within the right catchment will be put in touch with the instructors, which saves time on negotiating and getting the payment sorted. With an advanced feedback system, allowing learners to rate instructors using a star system, ADIs will still succeed due to their reputation. Essentially, the aim is to provide the best possible instruction meaning the site will prove its slogan that it is ‘the best place for driving instructors’.