A guide to saloon cars

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In the motoring world, cars are available in all shapes and sizes. From the standard mini to the luxurious sport models, car manufacturers overwhelm drivers with choice when it comes to upgrading their motor.

One model type which has always remained popular is the saloon. Known as a sedan over in the United States, these models are one of the principle forms of cars found on our roads. The reason for the popularity of these vehicles is the fact that they are readily available and affordable. For drivers in times both past and present, finances have always been the principal deciding factor and the low price of a saloon car made them the perfect option for the average motorist.

What is a saloon car?

A popular model of car, a saloon is a commercial passenger vehicle aimed at families and everyday drivers. The car is split into three distinct sections in its design, with the engine, cargo and passengers all having a designated space. This is shown through the fact that the boot and bonnet are designed be elongated from the main chassis of the car. This provides ample room for passengers and storage and gives saloon cars their distinctively long shape.

Saloons are typically available as five door vehicles with five seats spread across two rows. The cars have very symmetrical shapes and designs, with the front and back proportions well balanced. The front of the car is usually more rounded than the back, with the boot having a slightly squarer design and a sloping rear window connecting the roof to the boot.

Saloon cars of the past

These cars have always been popular amongst Brits and this was so pronounced that they were even used in Formula 2 racing events. The original introduction of the Saloon Stock Car formula occurred in the late 1960s when Spedeworth saw a niche in the racing market.

Providing spectators with the chance to watch a race using vehicles which they could relate to was an innovative step and one which transformed the face of the Formula 2 races.

Saloon cars in the modern day

Nowadays, saloon cars are still as popular as before and there are numerous manufacturers who release a number of new models in this design. Saloons remain a popular choice with families and average motorists, offering a car which is spacious, comfortable and capable of delivering high levels of performance.

One of the latest developments in the world of saloon cars has seen them become more eco-friendly. The dominance of hybrid or eco cars has led to all manufacturers focusing on making their vehicles as environmentally beneficial as possible.

For drivers, this has a number of advantages. Not only are hybrid cars gentle on the environment but they are also gentle on finances too, with a number of monetary incentives offered to boost their popularity. Anything from a lower road tax classification to exemption from the congestion charge can be offered with hybrid vehicles – providing their carbon emissions fall under designated limits.