The Benefits of Leasing a Car

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There are many people these days that choose to lease a car rather than buy one and many car dealers offer this option. This may not appeal to all, but there are some benefits to leasing which are worth considering before you completely discount the idea.

When you lease a car you are effectively renting a car. You are given a brand new car and you will usually get free services and other benefits included in what you pay. You get all the benefits of a new car without having to find the money to pay for it in a huge lump sum. Depending on your agreement, after several years you will get a new car to replace it with and still pay the same amount of money each month. Although this can be more expensive than buying a car outright, if you have to borrow money to buy a new car, this could be a cheaper option, you would need to do the maths to find out. However, unlike when you get a new car, you can change it for another new car every so often and this could be a lot cheaper than exchanging your car and buying a new one.

Range Rover Evoque 2017

This can also be a good way of getting a car that you would not normally be able to afford. For example say you wanted a Range Rover Evoque and you were looking to buy one but it was too expensive. The Range Rover Evoque leasing scheme could make it much more affordable for you. You could take advantage of having this great car which is a perfect size for a family. It is a compact car but still roomy enough to fit everything and everyone in. It has a comfortable interior, great entertainment system as well as great performance and a choice of different models. However, to find the money to buy one new it could be impossible to afford and you may not be keen on the idea of getting a loan to buy one. Therefore leasing could be the answer.

Leasing also means that you are not responsible for the car in the same way as you would be if you owned it. The company that you lease from will often pay for the road tax for you and if you lease for less than three years there will be no need to worry about an MOT as these are only necessary for vehicles that are over three years old. You will also not have to worry about the hassle of selling the car when you are ready for a new one. You will just hand it back to the company that you are leasing it from.  Sometimes services are included in the lease fee which means that you will not have to pay out extra for these. This makes it easier to manage the cost of the vehicle as you will not get sudden large bills, although you will still have to pay for the insurance of course, as well as fuel.

It can be a great way to have a newish car all of the time without having to find the money to pay for the full value of it. If you want a car that is more expensive than you would be able to afford otherwise it can be a great way to do this. Some drivers really like having a new car to drive and enjoy staying up with all of the latest technology and fashions and by using leasing, this may be easier to achieve than buying a new car regularly.

So the main advantages of leasing a car are that you will be able to afford something nicer than you can afford otherwise. It is less hassle than buying a car as well as you may not have to sort out tax and pay for servicing and MOTs (depending on your contract) and you will not have to worry about selling the car when you have finished with it. You may find that it will enable you to have a new car to drive more often than you could if you had bought a car.