The VW E-up electric car

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If you would want to buy an electric car this Christmas, then you should consider the Volkswagen E-up. This car is available from as little as £199 per month through the Volkswagen Finance e-solutions personal plan. The car is priced at £19,250 and would be available to order from Volkswagen EV specialist dealers across UK with the first deliveries being expected in January.

The finance package being provided by Volkswagen cannot be compared to any other since you have the option to return the electric car if it does not suite your lifestyle; however, this is subject to terms and conditions and as long as the twelve monthly instalments have been made.

The payment of £199 per month will be paid for a period of thirty six months, 10,000 mile per year plan and one also has the option of choosing a deposit that is between £2,425 and £7,125 in addition to the government grant of £5,000 that may also form part of the deposit for the vehicle.

The e-up has enough room for four adults as well as the luggage. This car also has the capacity to go even 0-62 mph in only 12.4 seconds and can even reach its top speed of 81mph. The car’s battery is rechargeable in less than thirty minutes to 80% full. One can charge the car using a standard 230-Volt socket or using a DC fast-charging station.

Clients will also have an opportunity for an optional box for use around the house at no cost. This supplies a 3.6kw supply and has the ability to recharge a flat batter in six hours only. Additionally, all e-ups contain the DC fast-charging system as a standard one. There are usually cables that are provided to connect to a standard UK 3pin socket and CCS socket.



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