New Powabyke X3 model set to be released

New Powabyke X3 model set to be released

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New Powabyke X3 model set to be released
New Powabyke X3 model set to be released

One of the best known UK electric bike brands, Powabyke, has created a new model that will be launched now after a buyout of the management team that occurred in November.

This will be the first model released by Powabyke in four years, and the X3 has already created quite a buzz at the NEC Cycle Show. It was unveiled in September and since then a full container of the bikes has already been sold. The model weighs a very light 21kg and is targeted to excel at weight, look, and range.

With a new 10amp lithium battery the X3 has double the range of the previous 6amp – giving the rider between 20 and 30 miles; a new battery management system (BMS) also effectively controls how the battery cells are charged and discharged – prolonging battery life.
As well as being more attractive to riders for longer distances, the X3 is also easier on the eye, as Keith Palmer, Co-Director of Powabyke UK Ltd, explains:
“With cables running within the frame and hidden from view – rather than along the frame as with the older models – the X3 has a more streamlined form. We have also removed the electrics box from behind the seat that housed the circuit board and ignition, incorporating it into the battery holder – making it look more pleasing to the eye.  Overall, the X3 is a sleeker, subtler electric bike, able to go further with a longer battery life.”
“Our new model is attractive to dealers as well as the rider”, Frank Curran, Co-Director of Powabyke UK Ltd, adds.  “Our dealers will enjoy improved margins with an unrivalled service back up.  Our first container has nearly sold out and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.”
Made overseas, the ‘third generation’ of the ‘XByke’ model has a powerful 250w electric motor with two modes of assist – pure power or pedal assist, making it effortless to cover greater distances than conventionally possible.
Retailing from £1079 (including VAT) each XByke comes complete with: a 36 volt 10 amp high performance lithium battery with LED level display and 250W brushless motor; throttle and/or auto pedal assist operation; font suspension; lockable battery and controller combined housing; aluminium frame; 6 speed Shimano gears; V brakes front and rear; suspension forks; gel saddle and suspension seat post; stainless steel spoke double rimmed wheels 700C (28”); rear luggage rack; compass bell; and reflective strip tyres.
Powabyke’s range of models will be expanded over the coming months to include new products, whilst the website will be revitalised with regular updates.  The Powashop will also be reinvigorated with spares from the older models readily available.
For sales or any enquiries about Powabyke UK Ltd and the new X3, please contact 01761 568085 or
*range depends upon rider effort, hills, tyre pressure, headwinds, rider weight etc.
over 40,000 Powabykes sold in the last 12 years