Do You Need A New Prius In Your Life? Yes You Do

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Upgrading to a better car is one of the most exciting moments in any driver’s life. However, it’s a transaction that comes with great responsibility. The choice of vehicle is crucial to your daily habits, and it’s vital that you choose wisely.

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find the right model for you. But making the right choice will bring plenty of benefits to your life. The new Prius is one of the most exciting models on the marketplace right now and is quickly becoming one of the jewels in Toyota’s crown.

More and more drivers are opening their eyes to the joys of the Prius. Here’s why you should too.

Eco-Friendly Driving

We live in a world where looking after the planet is essential. Our cars are one of the biggest causes of pollution. Therefore, finding a car that does less damage is a must.

Electric cars appear to be the future, but the current options aren’t great. Hybrid is still very much the way to go and the 2016 Prius is easily one of the best. CO2 emissions have improved by 18%, which is the greatest annual leap ever for Toyota’s flagship hybrid.

Lower emissions don’t just help the planet, though. This also leads to a cheaper drive for you, which is made even better by the efficient running costs of a Prius.


Back when it initially broke onto the market, the Prius dominated the hybrid market. Back then, it was almost reserved for celebrities and rich people wanting to make a point. Nowadays, driving a hybrid is more accessible than ever. But it’s important to remember Toyota’s history in this arena.

When buying a new car, it’s imperative that you choose a trustworthy name. The Toyota Prius is the most reputable when it comes to hybrids. It’s longevity in this environment means that it’s enjoyed greater improvements than any other. This is certainly visible when looking at the 2016 model too.

The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable and unconfident behind the wheel of your new motor. That emotional sense of security simply cannot be bought.

Improved Performance

Choosing the hybrid life shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time behind the wheel. The Prius hasn’t always been the most enjoyable ride, but the 2016 edition is brilliant. It handles far better than previous models, offering far greater fun and control.

Perhaps the most obvious enhancement is the increased acceleration. Transitions through the gears are now far better than before. Experts at Inchcape Toyota can also talk you through the available options for the 2016 range. After all, it’s not about finding the perfect car. It’s about finding the perfect car for you.

You can be sure that the Prius performs like no other on the hybrid market, though. Ultimately, it feels no different to driving a normal car, which is exactly what they wanted. As long as you go the extra mile to find the right one for you, it can transform your driving forever.





A comfortable drive is great, but good safety comes second to none. The new Prius offers everything you’d expect, including multiple airbags and plenty of features.

This all leads to a vehicle that’s achieved a five-star rating at Euro NCAP testing, which means you can feel safe behind the wheel. Of course, it doesn’t mean that accidents are always avoidable. However, the knowledge that the car will help you avoid serious danger is massive.

Those performance features like assisted braking and assisted speed will make a telling difference. It doesn’t matter how confident you are behind the wheel. You can never be too careful when the safety of your family is involved.

Futuristic Feeling

Performances and reliability are vital. But a new car should also put a smile on your face through added comforts. The new Prius does this superbly. Not least when it comes to technology. We all love the latest gadgets, especially in our cars, so this comes as a huge benefit.

Even the lower-spec 2016 models come with touchscreen systems. Key features like Sat Nav and parking sensors can make driving that little bit easier. Meanwhile, the dashboard and power consumption gauge are designed well too.

The plastics used inside the cabin are durable and aesthetically pleasing too. Overall, it creates a fantastic vibe throughout the motor. And the importance of those comforts cannot be emphasised enough.



First and foremost, the Prius is a family car built for modern life. Nothing has changed that with the latest edition. But that’s not to say it isn’t suited for other tasks.
Driving a Prius makes a big statement about you as a person. In turn, this can have a telling impact on business clients and associates. After all, first impressions count for everything in the world of business. Meanwhile, the sizeable space and reasonable oomph make it perfect for various road trips too.

That versatility can inject the fun back into driving. If nothing else, it will allow you to complete more tasks. Why buy two vehicles if one will suffice.


The 2016 Prius isn’t the cheapest car on the market. But the key thing to look for when buying a new motor is value for money. This car offers it in abundance. Prices will vary depending on the exact spec you go for, but the Toyota ranks well against other hybrids.
Meanwhile, the fact it’s a hybrid will lower certain taxes. Likewise, the running costs are relatively low. Take your financial responsibility to the next level by finding cheaper car insurance. It won’t just be your sense of fun that thanks you, your bank balance will be smiling too.

Money isn’t the most important thing in the world. But it would be foolish to dismiss the importance of financial aspects. Apart from anything else, knowing that you’re driving a suitably priced vehicle will give you an added reason to smile. And if your car does this, then it has to be considered a winner.