Mandatory malfunction Indicator Lamp Test for new MOT

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Drivers may get a surprise if they take their vehicles in for an MOT test during the first few weeks of the year as the test now includes a mandatory malfunction Indicator Lamp Test.  The examiner at the MOT station will check all warning lights in a car to see if the ESP, ABS, SRS, and TPMS lights are functioning correctly, and to make sure that they are not permanently lit up on a car.

The change to the examination actually took effect as of the first day of the New Year, but it will only be tested on an advisory basis until March 31st at which point it will become part of the exam. A diagnostic kit is not always required in order to see if the warning lights are malfunctioning, but it is helpful in order to read the codes given by the car to find out why the problem is occurring so that the fault can be fixed.

Thus, it is helpful for garages to have a diagnostic tool on hand so that they can at least explain the problem to the customer and potentially fix the problem for the customer if there is a need to do so. One such diagnostic kit is the Omitec OmiCheck Service that has a menu system that garage workers can use in order to locate faults with the SRS, ABS, Service Reset, Steering Angle Sensor, Electronic Park Brake, Tyre Pressure Monitoring faults, and the Climate Control.

This service can also be upgraded to the OmiCheck Professional service that offers all of the same service capabilities but also can read a few more applications on a vehicle such as Body Control, Injector Configuration, Key/Remote Programming, and more features. With so many new electronic features in cars these extra features can come in very handy when diagnosing problems.