DVLA to release details of British motorists to the European Council

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The DVLA is submitting details of almost 3000 motorists each month so that the European council can levy speeding as well parking fines to British offenders. Even in the past, the DVLA has submitted details of registered drivers in almost 39,511 cases and has also mentioned the details the sum collected from cases of breaking speeding rules.

The DVLA has agreed to have disclosed the details to a UK based company named Euro Parking Collections which also looks into the cases of about 150 EU based authority. The local body is situated in Belgium, Holland, Hungary, Sweden, and Norway as well as in the Republic of Ireland. It even works for Florence’s Italian police force. The pleas to DVLA rose to almost 30% as compared to the previous year.

All of this adds up to 850,000 pounds per year in motor penalties. The EPC has stated that it could drag those drivers to the court or can even put them in a black list if ever their vehicle came back. This is not the case for the government in nations such as Germany, France, major portions of Italy and Spain since the constitutional authority there doesn’t look into the matters of vehicle offences. This is looked into by the police department.

DVLA has confirmed their responsibility by stating that they do not disclose any information of the driver or the other essential information to any non UK authority in order to deal with parking and speeding fines. They only provide the information to their registered partner named Euro Parking Collections. This organisation located in Britain has stored information to pursue such cases of traffic breach in the place of public sector authority in the EU member nation states.

EPC has further added that no foreign driver can break the traffic rule and get away without being fined since it represents a number of authorities in UK. They perform their duties by contacting the foreign DVLA correspondent and recover any traffic breach.

It has been noted that almost 90% of the EPC’s work is in regard to non UK based motor vehicles. According to recent survey, foreign four wheelers have been noted to have escaped 3.6 million of speeding camera fine only in Britain previous year as the violators could not be identified.