Compare tyre-prices in Sweden

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Have you ever noticed it’s quite expensive to buy tyres and rims for cars? Well if you own a car you certainly have. Lots of things costs for car owners like spare parts, insurance, loans and wheels consisting of tyres and rims. However there are ways to minimize the cost for all tyres on the market. Just visit the Swedish price comparison site NETHJUL and you will be able to search for fitting tyres for your cars no matter if you are looking for budget tyres or award winning tyres for winter or summer.

Another advice is that you read some of the tyre-tests published by newspapers each fall and spring for the upcoming season of summer and winter tyres. These tests gives you valuable information on which tyres that are safe for different conditions. The tyres in top of these tests are unfortunately not the ones with lowest prices but that’s why it even more important to run a price comparison before buying tyres.

Are you afraid of shifting the tyres by yourself if you buy your new tyres online? There is no need to be afraid of this. The online tyre retailers are affiliated with local service stations to whom the retailer can send the tyres. As a customer you now just need to drive to the service station at get you tyres shifted. But do remember: Even if you have award winning tyres on your car you should drive safely!