4 Sexy Cars You Wish You Owned

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There are many times when you see a car and stop still. You can’t take your eyes off it, and become consumed with jealousy. For the next few weeks, that car will be in your dreams. All of us have a car that we wish we could own. Vehicles we spot on the street or TV and would do anything to have. In today’s piece, I’ll be talking about those cars! Here are four sexy cars you wish you owned:



(Image: https://goo.gl/blrf2G)

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Real petrolheads will look at the name of this car and know it means business. Any Mercedes from the AMG range is fast, furious, and great looking. If looks could kill, this little car would be a murderer. By far the best thing about it is the upward-swinging doors. I don’t know why, but these doors are just so much cooler than regular ones. When both of them are open, it makes the Merc look like a deadly dragon. Make no mistake about it; this is a very pricey car. It’s high-end and backed up with some high-end specs too. Over 450 bhp is enough to get you flying down any motorway in no time at all. In fact, you’ll go from 0 to 60 in under four seconds with this little beauty. Definitely worthy of a place on this list, and I’m sure it’s many people’s dream car.



(Source: https://goo.gl/fuIOvO)

Aston Martin Rapide S

The next car on this list is a true British gem. Forged by the UK’s best supercar manufacturers, the Rapide S is a wonderful sight. If you don’t like Aston Martin’s, then you’re not a proper car fan. Throughout the years, they’ve made countless cars that could make it into this list. I could’ve picked any Aston Martin and plonked it here, and no one would complain. But, I went for one of their more recent designs to keep things trendy. The Rapide S is a five-door super machine with over 550 bhp under the hood. It looks like a Bond car, drives like a Bond car, and has enough room for the entire family. As far as family cars go, this is surely the ultimate goal. Again, much like the Mercedes, this one will set you back a fair bit. It’s what I like to call a lottery car because you’ll probably only own one if you win the lottery!



(Link: https://goo.gl/otK5Pj)

Lexus RC-F

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found Lexus cars to be gorgeous. There’s just something about the design that excites me. And then there’s the name too, Lexus, it just sounds sexy! They’ve got plenty of gorgeous cars out on the market, and it was tough to single out one. But, the boy racer inside me decided to opt for their premium sports car. The Lexus RC-F is a finely engineered piece of art. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better looking car on the roads today. More to the point, it’s got great performance specs too. A massive V8 engine is roaring under the bonnet, as well as some state of the art safety features. The interior is just as beautiful as the exterior, with leather sports seats making you feel like the race driver you wish you were. The best thing is, it goes under the category of ‘affordable sports car’. There are places like Inchcape Lexus that sell pre-owned ones too, so, there’s even more value for money. Generally speaking, you can easily pick one up for less than a Porsche or BMW.



(Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/AoEbqx)

Cadillac CTS-V

Cadillacs have long been associated with the USA. It’s rare that you’ll see one on the roads here, but they’re everywhere in the States. However, when you do see one in the UK, it always looks incredible. Cadillacs are known for being premium vehicles; they don’t cut any corners. Everything is made to look as classy and gorgeous as possible. And, the CTS-V is a perfect example of this. The only way to describe this car is by calling it a beautiful monster. On the outside, it looks stunning, and the inside is arguably even better. You feel like a millionaire when you’re sat inside this machine. Why is it a monster? Well, it has a ridiculous 800 bhp engine that will frighten anyone when it gets going. My favorite thing about this car is that it’s not wildly expensive. It’s a realistic dream car for you to have. Something that’s worth wishing for, but well within your sights.

It’s safe to say that if I were offered any of these cars, I’d take it in an instant. Preferably, I’d take all four! They’re all great cars, and I’m jealous of anyone that owns one.


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