2 Important Tips For New Car Owners!

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Owning your first car is a very big moment in everyone’s lives. You feel like you’ve accomplished something, and have a sense of independence at last! No longer do you have to rely on other people for lifts, you can drive wherever you want.

But, if you’ve never owned a car before, then you may be clueless about how to maintain it. There are certain things you must do to ensure your car lasts long and is fit for the roads. Below, I’ve got two vital tips that all new car owners should pay attention to.

Routine Checks

As a car owner, you have to be responsible for your vehicle. A huge part of this is ensuring that you carry out routine checks. You must maintain your car, so it’s safe and legal to drive. There are a few things you have to on a regular basis. Firstly, you must check your tyres every couple of months. Your concerns will be with the tyre pressure and tread. If you look at the driver’s manual for your car, it should tell you how to find the correct tyre pressure. Sometimes, it’s written in the book, other times it’s on the driver’s door. Either way, find the right numbers, then check that all your tyres match them. If not, then you run the risk of getting a puncture, and can waste more petrol, costing you lots of money. You also must check that your tyre tread is within the law. It can’t become too thin, or you will get fined. After checking your tyres, you should go an oil check. Pop the bonnet of your car, take off the oil cap, and use the dipstick. This dipstick will tell you the oil levels, and whether or not you need to top them up. In some modern cars, there is an automatic oil checker, and you’ll be notified if it’s too low.

Servicing Your Car

One thing that a lot of new drivers are unaware of is that cars need servicing. When you purchase your new car, you should take a look at the car servicing handbook. This will tell you all the important information you need to know about your vehicle. One big thing it will tell you is how often your car should be taken in for servicing. Find this out, and you’ll know when to get your car checked out. Typically, people need to service their car a couple of times per year. This helps to ensure that everything remains in good working order. What’s the importance of this? For starters, it helps save you lots of money. Getting your car serviced can help identify problems before they come major issues. You can pay a small fee to fix a tiny issue, rather than paying loads to fix a major one. Secondly, it’s good for your safety and the safety of others on the roads. You can’t drive around in a car that’s not in good working order; it can lead to accidents.

If you’ve just bought a car, then you should keep these tips in mind. They’ll help keep your vehicle road-legal, and may save you lots of money as well.


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