What Are The Best Ways To Become A Better Driver?

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Most of us know that good drivers reap rewards of their care and attention to road safety. We can be offered cheaper car insurance for being accident-free. And we can avoid the costly repair bills that prangs and dents tend to bring. But there is also that sense of satisfaction behind the wheel that careful driving brings. We can cruise past speed cameras without having to adjust our speed. And we can squeeze a few extra miles out of each tank of fuel too.

So how do we become at driving? It’s a task many of us have to do at least twice a day. The commute to work is long, boring, slow and tedious. It’s easy to switch off and be distracted by our phones, the radio, or the traffic on the other side of the road. But it’s at these moments that you are most in danger of making a careless mistake. Focus and attention to detail can save lives on the roads. And it can save you an insurance claim when you prang into another car too.

Learning to drive is something every teenager wants. The freedom of driving around in their own car is much coveted. However, it is really important to have quality lessons from the very first day. Perhaps you have intensive driving school lessons? Or maybe your parents are teaching you every other Saturday afternoon for a year? The quality of tuition can make a huge difference. It’s not just about taking physical control of the car. It’s about identifying hazards and risks. Making those adjustments that are needed as we drive are important skills to pass on.

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Of course, there are advanced driving lessons and tests that you can take on as well. These will help you handle the vehicle safely in more dangerous conditions, and could help make you a better instructor too. It’s important to realise that every vehicle is different, regardless of whether it is new or old. Weather conditions will affect your car too. How the car handles can vary quite wildly. Advanced lessons can help you learn to read the roads as well as the car.

It is essential to know about car maintenance if you want to be a good driver. A good driver has checked his lights work, and his fluid levels are topped up. It’s not just embarrassing to break down in rush hour traffic. It can be incredibly inconvenient and even dangerous for all the other commuters trying to get to work. Making sure your car is up to standard at all times makes you a better driver.

Sometimes, taking your time can be the best thing you can do for the road conditions. It can be difficult to ignore the impatient driver flashing his lights behind you to get you to speed up. But if you find yourself in this situation, it is often better to maintain your speed or even slow down until it is safe for the other driver to pass you. If the car is too close, sudden braking could cause a collision. Take your time to read the road ahead so you can adjust gradually. Drive safe.