Women do to park better than men

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A study that has been conducted by a University in Germany is the most comprehensive study ever conducted about the differences between men and women when they drive. The study focused largely on how men and women park and one of the most notable differences was the amount of time they took parking.

The study found that women took a longer time to park but despite doing this they still ended up parking across two bays more than men. Despite this failing the women were shown to be better at finding spaces and also better at lining themselves up before driving into a bay. They were also shown to be more likely to choose the option of reversing in, which is the method taught by driving instructors.

Male drivers were shown to have a better ability driving into a bay facing forwards and they were also generally more confident. The confidence was shown as they generally did not attempt to reposition their car after their first attempt. The overall results of the study however showed that women were better at parking although it was quite a close call.

A driving instructor, Neil Beeson commented about the results, “It is quite surprising as in my experience men are faster learners at driving and generally achieve more success in driving tests. I see it as likely that women are proving themselves as being better at retaining information that they learn during lessons. It is nice to see that this study dispels the myth that men are better at parking.”

The study was commissioned by NCP, the car parking company, and data was collected from 700 car parks across the UK. Drivers were secretly observed for one month and a record of how they parked was produced. This was later developed into a ‘parking coefficient.’