Who Can Fix My Car Reveals UK Car Repair Prices

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Who Can Fix My Car release car repair costs across the UK and an interactive car maintenance resource.

Car repair prices across the UK revealed

A new infographic from vehicle repair and maintenance website Who Can Fix My Car reveals the price of car repair costs all over the UK, showing London to be the most expensive at £233.

The firm, which analysed repair and maintenance data from their customers, reveals that the average cost of car repair in the UK is £220.

Using a ‘bucket’ of common car repairs – ‘under-the-bonnet’ work, servicing and brake and exhaust repairs – Who Can Fix My Car divided the UK into regions and cities for a full breakdown of the cost of car repair all over the country.

Car repair costs by city

London – £233
Leeds – £214
Birmingham – £213
Liverpool – £198
Manchester – £184
Edinburgh – £166
Glasgow – £166




Other findings:

Some regions are more than 30% cheaper than the most expensive locations.

It can be cheaper to get your car fixed in the north of the UK.

London might be the most expensive city for car repair and maintenance (£233), but it’s not that much pricier than the UK average of £220.

The research also reveals some interesting insights into motorists’ personalities and preferences. “Did you know that drivers in Birmingham are 78% more likely to drive a Jaguar than the rest of the UK?” says Alex Rose, the firm’s marketing director. Take a look at the infographic for all the details…

Ultimate guide to car maintenance

With research showing under half (49%) of drivers know how to change a tyre and just 21% of motorists walk around their vehicle and do basic checks on it before setting off, Who Can Fix My Car have developed the Ultimate Guide To Car Maintenance – to give drivers some valuable vehicle repair and maintenance tips.

This clickable resource details all manner of motoring problems – from low tyre pressure to malfunctioning windscreen wipers, and everything inbetween. With advice from expert mechanics, it’s the go-to guide for car maintenance and should be of benefit to individual motorists and fleet managers.

“Modern cars still go on the blink from time to time so we think motorists will find this resource really useful,” says Alex Rose, Who Can Fix My Car’s marketing director.

“As well as covering over 20 common car problems, it features 5 in-depth sections on fixes like changing your car’s tyre and doing an oil change.”

View The Ultimate Guide to Car Maintenance here