Police officer dangerous driving trial

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Police officer Jacob Marshall, aged 31, is on trial for dangerous driving as he clipped another vehicle while doing excess speeds of 140mph on the motorway.  Marshall was en route to a diesel spill when his police Volvo clipped the side of a Vauxhall Zafira on August 29th of 2010 along the M9.

The driver of the Zafira was Fraser Lenny, aged 49, a taxi driver with an eighty year old man in the car. According to Lenny, in a statement he made to the Falkirk Sheriff Court, he did not hear any sirens and was only able to see the blue lights of the police car at the last minute. He stated that he used his indicator light to let traffic come into the motorway and then after checking his mirrors moved into the outside lane and then a second later he saw lights and lost his mirror.

The court was told that the reason the police car was driving at such fast rates was to deal with the diesel incident as the spill would create a black ice situation on the tarmac that could have caused a much worse accident if the motorway way was not properly closed off.