Park My Fine app launched to help motorists pay their parking fines for free

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A new app has launched with a promise to help Britain’s cash-strapped motorists pay their parking fines for free.

The app, Park My Fine is the brainchild of a parking industry worker who believed there must be a way to help the nation’s drivers pay the £30 million worth of fines issued by councils every month for parking contraventions.

Tim Bealey created Park My Fine, which he recently pitched to Virgin tycoon Richard Branson as part of the entrepreneur’s Voom (formerly Pitch To Rich) initiative. He said, “We’re really excited to launch Park My Fine, as an app that promises to pay parking fines for motorists it’s a totally new concept, made possible by the power of advertising.




“ Nobody likes getting a parking fine but there approximately 12 million parking fines are issued in the UK every year, so this app could really make a difference to people’s lives. Working together we can create people power with the more people using the app and watching adverts, the bigger the prize pot and the more parking fines we pay. ”

Users downloading the app can watch adverts to increase their chance of having their fine paid. The more adverts each user watches, the better chance they have of winning a payment for their parking fine. Each advert watched acts like a credit, which goes into the daily draw. After they win, users have 24 hours to get in touch and have their fine paid for them.

Those currently without a parking fine can still use the app to watch ads and collect credits then cash those in if they do get a parking fine further down the road.




Tim Bealey said, “ Advertisers benefit from a focused audience, allowing them to easily reach all sectors of the motoring public. The app covers an extensive demographic which enables us to target adverts for any product, using full screen interactive video, native, interstitial and banner ads. It’s a real marriage of technology and advertising to bring a bit of cheer back to the motoring public.”

Statistics show that parking fines are hitting record levels in the UK, with The Telegraph reporting motorists pay a staggering £30 million in fines every month. Park My Fine aims to redress the balance with a simple concept that’s free to use.

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