Intensive Driving Courses and Your Driving Licence

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An Intensive Driving Course (IDC) is a course that allows you to learn to drive in a period of a week. These courses which are also available as residential courses, offer the learner driver the opportunity to ‘cram’ their learning into a shorter timescale than that which would normally be used to pass a driving test.

How Long Does an Intensive Driving Course Last?

An intensive driving course should last no longer than 30 hours; this equates to six hours a day for five days, which your practical test being taken on the last day. If you have some experience driving, the course time can be reduced, normally down to around 25 hours or 15 hours if you have had quite a considerable period of time behind the wheel.

What Will I Learn from an Intensive Driving Course?

You will learn exactly what any other learner driver would learn but in a shorter time. During the length of the course you will take:

  • Your Practical Driving Test
  • You can also – if you have not already done so – take your Theory Test
  • And your Hazard Perception Test

All of this can only be done however if you have already received your provisional driver’s licence.

How Should I Prepare for an Intensive Driving Course?

As with any driving lesson you should always prepare yourself by reading up on the Highway Code. Whilst on the road the Highway Code will be the rules and regulations you live by and it is important that you have a good understanding of the laws, the signs, the dangers and the potential pitfalls of driving among other road users.

Sleep well on the nights during the week of your Intensive Driving Course; this may sound easier said than done, but it is important to get as much rest as you can. These courses really are intensive and you need to have your wits about you and have your concentration levels at a peak.

Avoid alcohol and any other substances such as drugs which may impair your driving or your ability to remember important information. Remember you will be driving on the roads alongside seasoned drivers – some of whom will have picked up bad habits over the years.

Can I Use My Own Car for an Intensive Driving Course?

You can use your own vehicle if you wish – or that of a family member or friend – but you should be in their charge when you arrive at the centre. You should also make provision for that individual to return to the centre at the end of the week’s course, just in case the worst should happen and you do not pass your test.

Types of Intensive Driving Course

There are two main types of Intensive Driving Course, these are:

One to One Driver Training

As the name suggests this is where you spend the week in the presence of one instructor who will take you through each stage of learning to drive and will be there with you at the end when you take your test.

Shared Driving Tuition

This type of course is for those people who want to learn in groups. This is an effective course but you should be aware that your tuition time will be shared with other course candidates and so may not be the option for you.

You can find details of local intensive driving course centres in your area via the Internet or by contacting the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).