AutoSleeper motorhome buying tips

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When considering an appropriate AutoSleepers motorhome, you’ll have a fantastic and very diverse range of vehicles to choose from.

That’s great news – but it does have one downside with it too.  You’ll be spoilt for choice!

In this brief article let’s look at some of the things you would be advised to think about in advance to assist in your decision.

Campervan, van conversion or coach built?

Almost inevitably, you’re going to see advertisements for the above three types of vehicle.  In many respects, they all have their pros and cons.  Let’s consider campervans first.

These are wonderful small compact vehicles that make many of us wish we’d been able to experience their first blossoming in the California of the mid-1960s!  Although well-equipped and engineered, there can also inevitably be a bit of a compromise on space.

They’re often regarded as an entry-level vehicle of this general type and that may bring with it some price attractions.  However, for couples no longer in the first flush of youth or families, space may be a big inhibitor.

The next vehicles up in class terms are the van conversions.  AutoSleepers have some marvellous vehicles to choose from in this class. They can be extremely comfortable and beautifully equipped mobile holiday accommodation vehicles.

The top of the range is typically regarded as the coach-built, meaning “custom-built”, motorhomes.  AutoSleepers are well known for the quality of their equipment and the innovative use of space.  These really are “home-away-from-home” motorhomes however they tend to be towards the top of the price bracket too.

The top tip here is clear – carefully think through how many people will be using your motorhome and how frequently.  Cutting down on available space in order save money is fine but some owners will frankly admit that having done so, it was a decision they came to subsequently regret when on an extended holiday.


Although it always sounds a little bit tacky and unromantic to do so, it’s important to think financially when choosing.

It isn’t just a question of how much you can afford or borrow.

When planning, think not only about the cost of the vehicle you’re purchasing but also how much you can realistically afford to spend in using it.  Keep some money back for getting out on the road and enjoying your new acquisition.

Think about size versus destination

AutoSleepers largest vehicles are without doubt magnificent pieces of design and engineering but keep in mind that in size terms, they may also be a slight challenge on tiny and twisty country roads or cramped town centre streets.

That is absolutely no problem if you like going to big sites on major routes.  However, if you prefer sites that are way off the beaten track and accessible only up a virtual goat trail in the hills (as some in Europe are!) then you may be better thinking of slightly smaller and more easily manoeuvrable van conversions.

Your driving comfort

Relating to the above point, some of us can feel slightly intimidated when driving larger motorhomes.

It’s worth being clear about your preferences and comfort factors here before you purchase.  Reputable AutoSleepers dealers will typically be only too happy to assist with things such as inspections and test drives etc.

The bottom line is, select an AutoSleepers vehicle that you are comfortable driving in terms of its size.