5 tips for driving in spring

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Its official spring is among us, even if the weather doesn’t always agree, and that means it’s time to change the driving habits we have picked up during the winter months. To make the next few months as easy and safe as possible, we have teamed up with Go Green Leasing to put together 5 tips to help you drive safely this upcoming spring.

    1. Don’t be in a rush to take off your winter tires! Although you may think its getting warmer they should be left on till the temperature average goes above 7 °C.


    1. With the weather getting slightly warmer, you will find more people will begin to either walk or bike to work. Taking this on board you should try to practise good vision techniques and always stay focused on your driving. Be sure to look out for your fellow pedestrians and two-wheeled friends!


    1. Although it may be getting warmer, there is till a chance of some snow here and there! As we all know, snow can melt and cause icy and slippery roads. If you notice wet or shiny looking roads, be sure to slow down and stay safe!


    1. Taking in consideration the constant variation of weather, you should be prepared for the dreaded heavy spring rains. Combining this with melting snow can lead to flooding and dangerous driving conditions.


With many animals hibernating throughout the winter, spring is the perfect time to begin to forage for food. Being prepared for animals can prevent damages to your car and even death to the animal. Make sure you slow down when you drive down rural back lanes and leave yourself enough space or time to either break or avoid an animal.