M62 speeders caught in large numbers

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The West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership is surprised by how many motorists have been caught speeding along the M62 after cameras were put up in an effort to protect workers on the motorway. The motoring organisation released figures near the end of last year that over 11,000 drivers sped past the speed cameras that were set to pick up those over the limit of 50mph.  This is over ten times as many that were caught on camera last year.

It can be frustrating for traffic to start to queue as a result of the speed cameras that are erected along the major roadways, but their presence on the roads is very necessary as they help to reduce the risk for those who work along the motorways and have been successful in reducing the amount of workers that are killed while working on the highways. It has been found that lower driving speeds, where workers are on the roads, helps reduce risk of injury for drivers and workers.

Most of the time speed cameras are thought to be an easy way to get traffic to slow down, but the large figures from last year may suggest that they are not quite as effective as they used to be as drivers may be becoming more accustomed to their presence and not paying them the same amount of attention that they previously would.