Auto experts give motoring tips for the forthcoming winter months

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Auto experts give motoring tips for the forthcoming winter months
Auto experts give motoring tips for the forthcoming winter months

Everybody is hoping that we don’t get a repeat of the last winter. Ice and snow caused untold misery and literally thousands of drivers found themselves stranded in their cars, often overnight.

The British weather is nothing if not unpredictable, but you can control your vehicle. Auto experts are offering motorists tips for simple and preventative maintenance which could make all the difference this winter.

Graham Hollis, Sales Manager, Automotive Brands, which distributes leading automotive products such as the award winning quick-fix head gasket repair solution Steel Seal, JB Weld, Diesel Turbo Cleaner as well as vehicle cleaning products range Power Maxed, says that motorists need to inspect their vehicle before setting off on a long journey to ensure that tyres are correctly inflated, fluid levels are full, front and rear lights are functioning correctly and that all belts and hoses are secure and in good condition.

“Even though we are still enjoying the sun at the moment winter is just around the corner and chances are your vehicle needs some preparation or preventive maintenance.,” says Hollis. “Unfortunately winter driving can put a strain on some parts of a car’s system, like the batteries, so it is critical to carry out a thorough check. Don’t be left high and dry this winter.”

Hollis points out that there are some simple, cheap, practical things that drivers can do before setting off, particularly on long journeys. “ We suggest making sure your mobile phone is fully charged, keep a working torch in the car along with a small shovel and brush, jump leads, blanket and gloves and, crucially , window cleaning fluid.”

The team at Steel Steal has drawn up a simple 12-step general maintenance check list to help motorists spot any problems before setting out on the roads this winter.

  • Check the windscreen wipers – replace worn wiper blades as soon as possible and keep some washer fluid in the boot.
  •  Check the tyres’ tread condition and tyre pressure – you can opt for winter tyres (they perform well in snow and ice) when having tyres changed.
  • Check engine oil and fluids – top up or replace any fluids, (brake, transmission, coolant, power steering and windscreen washer fluid).
  •  Check the car’s handling – if it is pulling to one side it might be time for an alignment.
  • Check the brakes – if they are soft or making noises get them checkout out.
  • Check the engine performance – investigate if the car is showing signs of a lack of power or performing differently
  •  Avoid stuck or frozen doors by using a lubricant or Vaseline-type grease on the hinges and car door rubber seals. It’s also wise to invest in a can of lock de-icer for when the door locks are frozen, (store it in your house).
  • Check all your lights – condensation inside the bulb housing is a tell-tale sign that the bulb is no longer sealed and may fail soon.