These Checks Will Keep Your Car Ticking For Longer

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Essential Car Maintenance

While it would be much more convenient this way, you can/t buy a car and expect it to function the same forever. Cars are complex machines, and regardless of the model, the condition of your car will deteriorate over time. Fortunately, you can slow down this process by carrying out a number of regular checks on your car, and having the right work done whenever you need it. Here, I’ve listed some of the most important things you should be checking on your car.

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First of all, your oil. This keeps all the gears and pistons in your car moving smoothly. In fact, your car wouldn’t even be able to run without the right amount of oil. This is one of the most basic checks, and you probably already keep on top of it. However, there are still people who neglect it, so make sure you’re not one of them! Simply pull out the oil dipstick and checking the level on this. Look in your owner’s manual, or another online resource to see how often you should be changing it. There are many brands of oil available, such as Millers Oils. While some of these do work better than others, any kind of motor oil will serve its purpose.

Next, tyre pressure. This is another common check which some people manage to put off repeatedly. Many other people take their cars to a garage, and pay to have the pressure checked and adjusted. There’s a simple tool you can buy which could end up saving you a lot of money; a pressure gauge. These are cheap and incredibly easy to use, and regular checks will save you from all kinds of trouble. When your tyres are at the right pressure, you have a much lower chance of blowouts, which are never a pleasant experience! Not a lot of people know it, but the pressure of your tyres also has an impact on your fuel economy. If they’re not pumped enough, your car will go through more fuel than it really needs to. The tread of your tyres is also an important thing to check. Without tread, your tyres won’t give you a safe level of traction on the road. When it’s worn down and you need to have your set replaced, have it done through a professional service such as Toyota tyres.

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The brakes are an incredibly important part of your car for the obvious safety factor. Call me fussy, but I like to know my brakes are deteriorating before they fail on me completely. I don’t mean to alarm you, but every time you squeeze the brakes a little, you’re gradually wearing down the pads. If this happens enough, you’ll end up hearing that awful screeching sound when you apply them. If you know the one I’m talking about, then you’re probably not having your brakes checked regularly enough. While it’s possible to check and replace your own brake pads, this can easily go wrong and end up damaging your car. For the best result, take your car into a garage to have the brakes checked.

Every now and then, a car will need to be re-aligned. The alignment of the car is how it moves according to the steering wheel, and how sensitive the axels are. When your alignment gets bad, it’s quite abrupt, and you’ll notice the steering getting more sensitive or stiff. However, sometimes it can be slower, gradual process, which can be much harder to notice. Make sure that this is part of your maintenance checklist the next time your vehicle’s in a garage. Getting it properly adjusted is a little pricey, true. However, it’s better than suddenly realising it’s completely different as you get onto a motorway!

Finally, your lights. I mean every single light on your car. If any of the lights on your vehicle are faulty, you’ll be putting yourself at risk every time you drive – especially at night. Obviously, when you need to use your headlights and they’re not working, it’s pretty easy to see. However, your indicators, brake and tail lights are a little different. Non-functioning lights are not only very dangerous, but also illegal! To make sure you don’t cause any accidents, and avoid a hefty fine, have your lights repaired as soon as you realise there’s a problem.

Keep on top of these important checks, and you’ll guarantee a long and useful life out of your car. While no cars last forever, good maintenance can keep antiques working for decades!


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  1. I live in Japan and last year discovered a terrific oil additive, called SOD-1 Plus, made from esters. It made my 2003 Toyota Landcruiser feel like a Rolls. Engine noise much reduced, smoother gear changes, and better silkier power steering. It’s used in around 250,000 vehicles here in Japan. Does anyone use ester-based additives in the UK?

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