Budget brings respite for motorists with news that fuel duty is frozen

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Motorists can take a brief moment to relax today after Chancellor George Osborne announced that he would freeze the fuel duty as part of the Budget stalling the 3p per litre rise that was supposed to go into effect September of this year. Motoring groups, however, had a mixed reaction to the news because many are still concerned that fuel prices are too high even with the duty being frozen.

Spokesman for FairFuel UK, Quentin Wilson, stated that this is very welcome news for many businesses and families across the UK and it is a sign that the Government is finally listening to the concerns of the people. However, he added that many people are going to be disappointed because the cancellation of the fuel duty is not going to do anything to help with the high fuel prices now.

Wilson went on to say that canceling a rise that really should never have been scheduled is not enough to deal with the problem that faces Britons today. Instead the Government needs to do more to help stimulate further economic growth. The AA was very welcoming of the news stating that any rise in the fuel duty would likely be break the budget of many drivers in the UK.

AA president, Edmund King, stated that the freeze is a smart move by the government and will help some people find relief at the pumps. He also said that 76% of AA members have reported cutting back on their journeys on a regular basis because of how much fuel costs. He also said that prices are now almost 5p higher then when they fuel duty was first froze in March 2011 and that drivers are suffering at the pump.