5 things to have in your Car for a Safe & Comfortable journey

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A car is equipped with cell phone and car documents like insurance and car registration papers all the time. Besides this, we always stow other necessities like umbrella and ice scrapers in the car. These come in useful occasionally in bad weather but one needs more items for convenient, comfortable and safe journey especially when traveling with kids and older family members in the car. The suggested list will definitely help you in case you and your family have to spend extended time during a long journey or while commuting. A great place to find these items mentioned below, cheap car accessories and discount codes for places like Euro Car Parts, is Latest Deals.

Water and food

Keeping a pack of bottled water or fresh water from home is a must do thing whether you are planning a long journey or are commuting for a short distance. In case you are stuck at an isolated place where nothing is available nearby, this helps a lot. Another do not forget item which comes handy in such cases is food. Some snack packets of protein bars, chocolates, biscuits or any other snack are the obvious choice while selecting food items for storing in your car as these are convenient, easily available and last for longer duration of time without spoiling. These are enough to satisfy your hunger pangs and provide required calories as well as maintaining blood sugar level when your journey is delayed due to any unforeseen reason.

First Aid Kit

Bandages and standard bacterial or burn cream are a must take item which are required in emergency situations as well as in case of small bruises. The necessity may arise even when kids are playing in the ground and may get hurt by any object like a ball or flying disk. A child may require this during leisure running around. Cold packs along with some common medicines like pain relievers, paracetamol and anti allergies are also recommended. Other products like scissors and tweezers as well as hand sanitizers and rubber gloves are also important with any other emergency medicines that may be required by members of your family with known medical conditions.


A good quality operational flashlight is very important. This has to be kept at easily reachable location near the driver seat. This is extremely helpful at night and you may require this at an isolated place in case of breakdown of your car. However be careful to keep some extra batteries in car or a wind-up LED flashlight which do not require batteries.


Taking the recent map with you in car sounds funny in GPS led cars but it comes very handy and life saver in case the GPS malfunctions.

Escape tools

This can change the situation during emergencies. If you are stuck in the car you can free yourself from the seatbelt by cutting with an emergency tool like life hammer. This also helps in smashing the windows of the car to provide escape route. This must be kept near the driver seat so that it is easily available in time of emergencies.

This is a generalized list and must be changed according to the individual preferences. However, while preparing your personalized list include these five items definitely.