Vehicle fleet owners warned over MOT changes

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With the New Year has also come a new set of regulations for the MOT test, which has led many in the industry to advise companies with a fleet of vehicles and parcel delivery services to service their vans on a more regular basis to make sure they stay in compliance with the MOT.

As many commercial and private motorists choosing to keep their vans for longer than usual before replacing them with newer models the demand for maintenance and repairs rises in turn.  Keeping a vehicle well maintained is important due to the fact that the MOT is now getting more complex and failure of the test can lead to heavy repair bills for companies.

David McPhee, the managing director of MB&G, stated that maintaining a full service history on a vehicle will help it remain legal and safe, while at the same time also increasing its re-sale value when the time comes. He also said that while it is still unknown just how much the new rules are going to affect drivers, the fact that there is more to the test will surely lead to more cars needing repairs in order to pass the test.

Many couriers that use older vans for deliveries will also likely have problems with the new Lower Emission Zone regulation as they have been told to stay away from the centre of London, or potentially pick up charges and fines for noncompliance.