Tips for Maintaining a Car this Winter

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Maintenance for a car can very costly, especially if you have to buy brand new car parts. In order to save on potentially having to completely replace components in your car, there are some useful tips on self maintenance that could end up saving you money.

With the amount of mechanical and electrical components, it is almost inevitable that some functionalities of the vehicle will cease over time. This is why the law requires for vehicles to undergo annual MOT tests once the car has reached 3 years of age. Every component on the car is checked in an MOT test, and a car can be declared as not road legal if component vital for safety is compromised.

There are some simple DIY maintenance tips that can keep the vital parts of your car healthier for longer. This can lead to smaller servicing bills the next time your MOT is due.

Engine Block

Looking after the engine of your car is essential. You may need your vehicle to constantly cover great distances, and regular engine problems may occur without simple, regular maintenance.

Using high quality engine oil can keep it healthier for longer. The engine performs many mechanical functions that involve moving metal parts at high temperature. With the heat putting great stresses on the components, the metal must be well lubricated in order to avoid unwanted friction between the moving pistons that can damage the engine. Regularly changing the oil in your car healthy, and can save you money if this means not having to replace engine components.


There is no getting round the fact that you will have to use your brakes to slow down and that they will fade over time. Replacing your brake disks can be very expensive and there are no cheats to avoid this expense when it happens. However, changing your driving style could lead to your brakes lasting longer.

Some drivers will accelerate for as long as they can keep driving and use the brakes immediately when slowing for an obstacle or manoeuvre. This leads to the brakes being applied for every occasion. By anticipating having to slow down for an obstacle; why not release the accelerator earlier and allow the natural friction to slow the car more before applying the brakes.


Cleaning and polishing your car’s bodywork on a regular basis may not seem to be a vital servicing cost, but allowing your car to build up dirt and grime, could lead to rust forming in the metal work.  If the rust is allowed to penetrate the bodywork, it can then affect the chassis and the bearings of the car, which will lead to high cost servicing. When cleaning your car; do not use household cleaning products, they will adversely affect the paintwork of the car.