The Things You Should Do, and The Things You Really Shouldn’t Do, When Personalising Your Vehicle

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We live in the age of wholesale customisation. Even though that sounds like an oxymoron, it isn’t. In fact, many products are designed with different options so that we can choose to make them more suited to our own needs and taste.






Cars are no exception to this rule. But there are some mistakes you will want to avoid if you are personalising your car. Read on to find out what they are.

Do choose professional paint jobs

There are some car models that take into consideration the desire of owners to express a bit of personality in their vehicle. They give you the option, when you purchase the car new, to choose from a wide range of different colours and finishes on both the body and the roof. This means you can end up with a very rare mix and match colourway. That will really define your vehicle as personally yours.

Don’t get eyelashes or stickers



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Remember that while a professional paint job completed by the manufacturer is a good idea, adding decorations yourself is not.

We have all seen them tootling around. That’s right it’s those poor cars that have big plastic eyelashes over the headlights. Or cars with stickers across the paint work!

Guess what guys; nobody needs to know you are a ‘princess’ or a ‘boy racer.’ Nobody except you cares! All you are doing is making your car look cheap and lowering its value. If you are feeling tempted, put the vinyls down and back away from the vehicle!

Do go for the very popular personalised license plate

A more acceptable way of customising your motor is to treat yourself to a personalised license plate. Before you purchase, it will help to come up with several options that you find acceptable. This is because personalised number plates can cost a lot of money, and you may be able to get a better deal if you are willing to compromise. Remember that they are a long-term investment, and you can even keep the plates when you sell the car on.

Don’t get something crude or rude

However, one of the main problems with personalised number plates is that some people taste levels are different to others. In fact, the DVLA has had to ban certain number plates that could be interpreted as rude, to stop people driving around with them.

Remember when you order replacement number plates online, keep it classy. Choose your initials or something amusing instead of something smutty.

Wheel rims



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Another way that you can personalise the look of your car is to invest in wheel rims. These tend to be heavier and on most car sallow you to grip the road better, resulting in better control. So they are a good combination of look and practicality.

Don’t get your car lowered



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Something else that is a big no-no is getting your car lowered. Unless it is actually a genuine American muscle car, scraping along the speed bumps on the school run, just isn’t cool!



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