A dangerous driving epidemic

Whilst authorities continue to alter the penalties for driving offences, it seems that even when dangerous drivers could be faced with a harsher punishment, they still continue to break UK road laws. We are no further forward in combatting dangerous driving on UK roads. Highways England recently released its findings that showed over 4,000 drivers […]


Car Inspections and Safety Checklist

Performing a routing safety vehicle inspection is important to ensure a safe driving experience. When taking a car into the auto shop for routine vehicle maintenance, make sure they perform a comprehensive safety inspection. Between maintenance intervals, the car owner should perform his or her own inspections of common safety items. This article looks at simple […]

Buying A Car

How the Company Car Market currently stands

There are still many companies that need their staff to be able to travel during the working day and therefore need commercial vehicles for them to be able to use. There are different ways that companies can finance these vehicles through company car schemes, salary sacrifice or vehicle hire. Many companies decide that letting their […]