What to expect at this year’s Frankfurt motor show

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This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show is expected to be the biggest and best yet, and has been billed as the most exciting in years. So what are they doing differently this year as, after all, the premise for a motor show doesn’t exactly change much? The answer is simple; for 2013 the arena will be literally overflowing with all manner of intriguing vehicles. If the rumours prove to be correct one of the highlights will be the Twin Z concept car from Renault, a town car that is battery powered and has doors with rear hinges.

Renault have described this car as the play petal in its life cycle flower, and that the green wheel have been inspired by nature. They are hoping this is enough to make everyone love it, and they possibly will. The French manufacturer will also be showcasing their Twin Run concept vehicle, which has been much hyped as the R5 Turbo’s spiritual successor due to V6 3.5L engine and its sporty set up.

Another vehicle set to make its presence well and truly known is the Rapid Spaceback from Skoda. This is both sportier and shorter than the hatchback and, in certain models, has an enlarged rear window which is tinted as well as a panoramic roof. This is a car that has to be classed as a fashion statement, and expect to see them on the roads in the very near future.

This brings us neatly to Jaguar’s concept vehicle; the F-Type Coupe which is a hard topped version of the popular convertible. If the spy shots are true then this beast is even more aesthetically striking than its older sibling, which is certainly a hard act to follow. If, however, this motor is impractical for you despite its looks then maybe the concept vehicle for you is the Suzuki iv-4 SUV. Why? Well the teaser snaps have suggested that this SUV strongly resembles the much loved Land Rover Evoque, that’s why.