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Modern Classic Cars Main Target For Car Thieves

Criminal gangs target 1980s classic cars, motorbikes, vans & campervans Owners urged to invest in security: alarms, engine immobilisers, tracking devices “Models such as Cortinas and Escorts have become increasingly desirable” – Dr Ken German The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) is urging classic vehicle owners to invest in security equipment as the […]

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Diesel could cause breakdowns motorists warned

Motorists have received warnings that they could face unforeseen breakdowns during winter due to problems with the diesel that is sold on British forecourts. Under the EU regulations, fuel providers have been forced to mix conventional diesel and petrol with higher amounts of bio-fuels that are environmentally friendly. However, experts believe that the increased concentrations […]

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Google claim their driver less cars are safer than those with a human at the wheel

According to the man in charge of the Google autonomous car project, their self driving Lexus and Prius models are far safer than those actually driven by humans. Speaking at a Californian robotics conference, Chris Urmson said that the Google cars were both safer and smoother than cars driven by even professional drivers. He said […]

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Auto experts give motoring tips for the forthcoming winter months

Everybody is hoping that we don’t get a repeat of the last winter. Ice and snow caused untold misery and literally thousands of drivers found themselves stranded in their cars, often overnight. The British weather is nothing if not unpredictable, but you can control your vehicle. Auto experts are offering motorists tips for simple and […]