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Sam, Stevie and Zoe, siblings and the brains behind, freely admit that there’s no shortage of car-related online services in the UK. But they still think there’s room for one more.

Zoe: “We know that there are countless websites, apps, blogs and message boards for car buyers in the UK, but they all seem to be aimed at ‘petrol heads’. We felt that there was room for a service for people who might not be car-mad, but who still want to make a great decision on their new car. aims to remove all of the noise and hassle from the car market and just give people a simple way to find the best car for their budget.”

Sam’s passion for cars started early: his Dad used to renovate classic cars as a hobby and passed his love of all things motoring down to his son. Working in the industry at the start of his career helped to develop his knowledge of the market (and his nose for a deal), and before long, he started to help family and friends with all their car-related needs.

Sam: “Pretty much everyone I spoke to, young or old, male or female came to me with the same question: ‘What’s the best deal I can get for my money?’ Most people had a rough idea of what they wanted, but didn’t have the time or inclination to immerse themselves in reviews and technical data – or to spend their weekends trawling round dealerships.”

Sam’s not the most technical person, but both Zoe and Stevie have forged successful careers in online and data-focused roles. So when Sam mentioned to them that he wanted to take his service online, they were more than happy to help.

What’s so special about

1. It aggregates deals from multiple sources and makes sure that the best deals always appear first

Every year, the team aggregate over a million new car deals from a range of manufacturers, dealership groups and leasing funders. A team of experts then painstakingly rate every deal to make sure that users only see the deals which really merit their attention.

Zoe: “The rating process is incredibly labour-intensive, but it’s a key part of the value that we add. We don’t want to show users 300 deals for the VW Golf; we just want to show them the very best deal for the budget and search that criteria that they’ve entered.”

2. The only thing users need to know is what they want to spend

Stevie: “Much like all of the customers that Sam used to help, our users have a clear idea of what they want to spend, but want someone to help them work out what the best thing is they can get for their money. Almost 80% of the 2.6 million new cars registered in 2015 were paid for monthly**, so it makes sense to start with people’s monthly budget, rather than a car’s make and model. Our users can filter their results by manufacturer, body type, fuel type and pretty much anything else. But if they just want to see the best cars for their budget, their budget is all they need to enter.”

3. Each user gets their own personal car shopper to hold their hand through the whole process

“For our customers, the quality of the service is almost as important as the quality of the deal,” explains Zoe. “That’s why we chose to partner with Yorkshire Vehicle Finance. They are a family company like us and have provided impeccable service throughout the 8 years that we’ve been working with them. They know the car market inside out and are as attentive to our customers as we would be ourselves.”

Stevie adds, “Choosing a car is a big financial decision and people don’t want to get it wrong. Having an industry expert fighting your corner throughout the process is a great source of comfort to our customers. Our personal car shoppers’ role is to help the customer find the very best deal for their budget and needs and then handle the whole process until the brand new car is delivered directly to their door.”

What do our customers think of the service?

“Absolutely zero hassle”

Best Car managed to help me find a pre-registered Jeep Cherokee and get a very good value trade-in price for my Freelander. They managed everything for me until my new car was delivered to my door. I used to find choosing a new car a massive pain, but this process was totally pain-free. Great value and absolutely zero hassle.

– Nina got a Jeep Cherokee for £276 per month

“I had no idea I could afford an X4!”

I was looking through the SUVs on Best Car just out of interest. Then I saw a BMW X4 for only £338 a month and jumped on it straight away. I had no idea I could afford an X4, so thank you Best Car for helping me get the BEST CAR FOR MY BUDGET!

– Ben got a BMW X4 for £338 per month

“I got a 19% discount on the list price!”

My experience with Best Car was exceptional. I found an incredible deal through the website and then Nick managed to find me an even better deal on the same car. I ended up getting a 19% reduction on the list price – plus some added extras thrown in for free! He also helped me sell my Mini privately which meant getting more than Ford wanted to give me. Thanks Nick!

– Phillip got a Ford Kuga for £192 per month