3 Dream Cars You Secretly Know You’ll Never Own

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We all have dream cars that we would love to see parked on your driveway. We think it would be a dream come true to own one of these beauties. Just imagine the looks you’d get as you drove down the street. The incredible sensation of power you’d receive as you put the pedal to the metal. Unfortunately, it’s time to fall back down to earth. Most of these dream cars cost as much as the average house, and we have a few reasons why you’ll never own one. First, there’s the initial expense. Unfortunately, the price tags of most dream cars are only suitable for the one percent, the rich and famous.

Then, there’s common sense. Maybe you do have enough to buy one. But if you do, it’s probably the money you’ve got in savings or your holiday funds. Surely there’re better ways you can spend that cash than on a car that will constantly depreciate. Then there’re the additional costs of fuel and maintenance. We bet you never realized some of the most sought after sports cars are the least reliable vehicles on the market. Well, you do now.

Still, it’s nice to dream so sit back. It’s time race through the top 3 you still want despite all the details we just mentioned.





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Let’s start off with the big one, a Ferrari. It doesn’t matter which model you choose; they are all pretty damn spectacular. Just look at the lines of the vehicle on the car above. Is there anything sexier than that? We’re particularly fond of the Spyder with its smooth, curvaceous body and sleek racing lines. Handling isn’t too bad either, so we’ve been told. In fact, it’s one of the fastest cars the market. Thus, it almost seems fitting that it’s one of the most expensive. A Spyder could cost you anything in the region of one million. Ouch, it seems like the only chance we have of driving one is renting it from a company such as Prestige Keys.


Bugatti Veyron



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We seem to remember this one arriving on the market at somewhere in the region of eight hundred thousand. Not so bad, you just need to sell your home twice over. We wonder how much you can get for a kidney on the black market these days. In all seriousness, the Bugatti Veyron is an incredible car. It’s known for racing a fighter jet on Top Gear and winning! Unlike other cars, that spoiler is needed to keep it on the track at high speeds. Otherwise, the sheer power of that six hundred horse power would cause it to take off.


Lamborghini Aventador



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Fun fact, there’s a special edition of this car released for the producer’s anniversary, that’s worth 4.5 million. Seriously, who on earth is buying these cars and what’s the name of their stockbroker? We’d like to have a quick word with them. The car itself is nothing short of stunning, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from Lamborghini. You can get the classic model for a cool half a million which isn’t so bad is it? Still, it’s out of our price range. Although, you can drive one around a track for the day for about ninety quid.

Let’s close on a happier note for all you people out there who will never afford these dream machines. They are fairly pointless. Except for racetracks, there’s nowhere in the world you can reach their top speeds anyway. So as much as we love cars, we have to wonder, what exactly are people paying for buying these?



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